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It’s high suspense for Lt. Robert Sears. In trying to make his mark as an astronaut, he's not satisfied with his routine mission to Mars along with Captain Hills and the crew. He's astonished after a starship battle explodes over the surface destroying their space shuttle "The Mayflower".
The captain is injured and Sears takes charge. He has the crew return with Drayden (a Centaurian) and the horror begins. Sears is betrayed and must decide between two worlds which are his ally and his enemy.
Sears struggles against alien creatures, fights for his life through starship battles and finds the most astounding discovery imaginable in a parallel universe.
Despite his efforts, he must embrace the awful reality that he may lose his crew forever. Also, he's challenged to save Earth before it’s conquered by an advanced civilization who wants to destroy everyone except for the strong and turn them into slave gladiators for spectacle entertainment.
Can Sears win in time before it’s too late?

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Centauri a sci fi technothriller novel

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