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You love aquarium fish ? You are wondering what fish you want and how to take care for them. http://fishforpets.com/ is the aquarium world, you can learn a lot for those beautiful creatures.When you aquarium is ready. It needs a minimal attention and time. The aquarium will be clean, attractive and looking good. The fish will be healthy. The most important tasks are three kinds:
You must do every day
Must be done every week
Must be done every 2-3 weeks.

Daily tasks:
Feed the fish (the food must be enough, but in the same time the food must be eaten for 2-3 minutes, not for more). For more info in the topic “How to feed the aquarium fish“
If there is uneaten food and dead leaves from plants you must clean them, because they will start to rot and form bacteria in the aquarium
Observe the fish behaviour and their number
Check the equipments , they must be undamaged (filter, heater, light, pump, etc. Check the water temperature. It’s not good

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Ornamental Fish
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